Privacy Policy

Apps that are published by me (Michael Ong) or by my group (mong Industries) are subject to the policies regarding user privacy below:

Glossary of Terms

  • App Provider: Its me (Michael Ong) or my group (mong Industries).
  • Customer: Its you, the one reading this policy.
  • App: The program, that was made by the App Provider that the Customer downloaded from the store (or some other means).
  • Cloud Storage: Service that stores data into the off-site server.
  • Cloud Service: Service that does jobs for the App on behalf of the App Provider.
  • Device: The apparatus that the Customer downloaded the App.

Policy Terms

Personal Information

  • The App Provider does not store your personal information in any of its own cloud storage containers.
  • The App will and get information from your Device given that the Customer allowed such information sharing whilst Device setup.
  • The App itself will ask for information from the Customer. But the App also requires to explain itself the purpose of such collection to the Customer.
  • In order for the App's advertising platform to function properly, the app's advertising placement service will get information from your device (unless, see bullet 2). The App will also provide information to the advertising placement service in order to tailor the Customer's experience.
    • This is different from advertisement tracking as the information obtained is only related within the app in use.

On-line services

  • The App Provider will ask information that is necessary to differentiate the Customer from other Customers. Although that information will be encrypted using SHA-256 before transmission to the App Provider's Cloud Service.
  • The Customer has the option to remove its data from the App Provider's Cloud Storage. Additionally, The Customer also has the option to download its data for the Customer's consumption.
  • The App Provider will ensure the data of the Customer cannot be given voluntarily by any individual, group, company, organization, government, nor alien life-form at any circumstance whatsoever.
  • If the Customer has decided to remove its data from the App Provider's Cloud Service, said data will be marked for deletion but will not be deleted immediately should the Customer decides to undo his/her action (also, its like that so the servers can batch actions).


  • The App Provider stores payment transactions to the Client's own Cloud Storage. Such storage is handled by the Device's Operating System.
  • For Subscription services, the App Provider will cross-examine on application launch its data from its Cloud Storage with The Customer's Cloud Storage in order to combat counterfeiting.

~Nothing Follows, updated 23rd of January, 2018.~